Biography for Artist Pamela Furlong

Partners in Paint

Pamela Furlong

Pamela Furlong

Pamela has made Enderby her home since 1989. The beauty of the area is still an amazement to her. She feels like she lives in a postcard and although it can be pretty hot at times the winters are great — not nearly as cold as winter in the NWT. Pamela was born in Aklavik and spent her first 25 years in the north. The people, lifestyle and experiences have helped her become the person she is today.

Painting in acrylic and Paper Maché sculpting are Pam's mediums of choice. Her love of nature is reflected in her work and is what drives her passion. Her art allows her to express how she feels and embrace both styles that appeal to her — abstract and realism.

Pamela paints on a regular basis with other local artists and finds this to be very rewarding and inspirational. She is a member of the Courtyard Gallery and the Art Council.

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